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Turbo Kid – Turbo Fast, Turbo Fun and Turbo Gory by Clayton Berry


Turbo Kid
Turbo Fast, Turbo Fun and Turbo Gory by Clayton Berry
Story 9/10
You ever notice how all those post apocalyptic 80s movies are always out of water? The story of Turbo Kid takes place in an alternate post apocalyptic future of 1997. Wow. Anyways, if that confuses you, that means this movie plays homage to post apocalyptic ’80s movies. Think Solarbabies, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Tank Girl. Quite a few of these movies open up with “Set in the Future of 1997”. The story is very basic love story but I give it a 9 because of the constant twists and turns that I don’t see coming at all. There is a fair amount of backstory interlaced and the story tends to build on itself more you watch. I hope the filmmakers decide to do an 80s parody version of a slasher movie someday.
Characters 9/10
Well known Michael Ironside channels his inner 80s acting from longtime past so he can give this movie the villainous feel that it deserves. While I was left thinking our main character (The Kid played by Munro Chambers) felt bland, I definately got the idea that this was on purpose so he could play off his bubbly love interest, Apple (played by Laurence Leboeuf). Watch out Hollywood, I have an eye for great actresses when they start out. I called it on Ann Hathaway, Naomi Watts (when she was jet girl in Tank Girl) and Zach Galifiakakis (when he did Out Cold) and I think Laurence Leboeuf will steal the show one of these years.
Editing and effects 9/10
Should I give it a 3 or should I give it an 9. Well since it was made to be bad, I’m going for the 9. We’ve got crazy outfits, bloody stumps, bloody limbs and bloody body parts flying every which way. Editing is right on the money as well. The blood doesn’t look real but in a lot of those 80s films they tried, but failed. So this movie hit its mark. Throw in some crazy effects that look like 80s industrial light and magic, and you’ve got yourself a killer 80s film.
Music 9/10
The music touches base as a retro arcade type sound played on a synthasizer. Whoa! A synthasizer? What the hell is that! Well for all you millenial kids that only listen to ipods and stream your music, a synthesizer was a musical device that alot of 80s bands used so they could play electronic music or sounds they recorded with keys or buttons. They mostly looked like a keyboard. Anyhoo, I loved the retro jam this movie had.
Cinematography 7/10
All the lighting and camera work was on pace for this film. Nothing stood out but that’s a good thing. I give a 7 because it was good but nothing outstanding made me want to go higher than that.
Sets 9/10
I was instantly transported to another world in this movie. I felt like I was abandoned in a rotten wasteland somewhere off in a die hard Mad Max world. There was no vehicles except bmx bikes and the world was littered by trash left over by us capitalist pigs.
Overall 8.5/10
You don’t need cgi to make a great movie. We’ve got a great love story wrapped up in a sci fi world here and I’m proud to add this movie to my cloud collection.