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What Are Shadow People?

There are times when almost all of us, for a brief second, have seen a shape or movement out of the corner of our eye, and when we turn to look it’s gone, but for some [...]

The Wolf Woman Of Mobile

credit: Jonah Duvall Cline concept During April, 1971 folks living in Mobile, Alabama and surrounding areas, had sightings of a strange and bizarre cryptic creature. This [...]

Strange Creature Caught on Video

This looks like a video made from recording a video monitor with a cell phone or something. Is it an alien? CGI? A new mystery in the field of cryptozoology? At first I [...]

Colorado’s Mini Dinosaurs

North America has it’s share of cryptozoology wonders. One such wonder is the story of the mini dinosaurs that are said to roam Colorado. This mini dinosaur is said to [...]
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