The Latest in the paranormal



 The Dake House – (Haunting) –  in Genoa was built by local undertaker C.W. Dake in 1872, and in 1980 it was opened as an antiques store. As the owner started bringing antiques into the house, she noticed strange things start happening. The house already had a reputation in the community as being haunted, but the current owner hadn’t witnessed any paranormal activity before her house started filling up with the old artifacts. One was an oil painting she was attempting to sell that would fling itself off the wall. She eventually removed the painting from sale. Other paranormal activities experienced in the house by the owner and guests are an apparition of a woman seen on the main floor, guest feeling pushed and slapped by an unseen force, items disappearing and showing up somewhere in the house later, and in the parlor room, the smell of perfume has been noticed when no one wearing perfume is present. The charming little store is in operation today, so if you are in the area, maybe you could stop in and buy something nice for yourself…but who knows what may follow you home. 2242 Main St. Genoa, NV 89411. (775) 782-4591.


Overlook Hotel

Located on Main Street, this hotel is one that many have experienced and recorded the unexplained. If you want to stay a night or two to investigate the hauntings, Room 10 has a reputation for being haunted, as does room 25 – The Victorian Room. If you’re not hunting ghosts, and are simply looking for a place to get some rest for the evening, just ask the desk for a room that isn’t haunted while checking in.

662 Main St, Pioche, NV 89043 Phone: (775) 962-5895

Paranormal activity reported at this location:

  • Objects moving on their own
  • Disembodied voices
  • Unexplained sounds
  • Apparitions

Silver Cafe

Located on Main Street, just across from the Overlook Hotel, this charming eatery has a few reports of paranormal activity… so, stop for dinner & (possibly) a show!

673 Main St, Pioche, NV 89043 Phone: (775) 962-5124

Paranormal activity reported at this location:

  • Water faucet in the bathroom turning on by itself.