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The Death Site of Bonnie and Clyde – (haunting) – Clyde Chestnut Barrow and Bonnie Elizabeth Parker were a couple of the most well known murderers and criminals in American history. They were active during the Great Depression robbing banks, stores and gas stations. During this run, they killed many people including 9 police officers. Their extra-legal activities were brought to an end on May 23rd, 1934 on a rural road in Bienville Parish. They were ambushed and violently killed in their car by 6 lawmen. It’s said at night, when the moon is full, you can see apparitions of Bonnie and Clyde and hear the sound of gunshots at the location of this ambush.

Location – Near Arkadia, 12.5 miles. Take Highway 80 from Arkadia heading west to Gibsland. From Gibsland, head south on Highway 154 for 2.5 miles where there will be a turn to the right to stay on Hwy 154. If you go straight, it turns into Hwy 517. 5.5 miles from that right turn you will see the monument to their deaths on the right hand side of the road.