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The Abbie Gardner Cabin  – (haunting) – Located in the town on Algona of Kossuth County is home to a spirit of a woman, Abbie Gardner, who was kidnapped by Native American Indians and is also the site of the Spirit Lake Massacre. The Massacre was committed by band of Sioux Indians on white settlers of the area in 1857. This slaughter is believed to be the catalyst that trapped the spirits here. The Abbie Gardner Cabin was recognized by the State Historical Society of Iowa in 1973 and was returned to its original 1856 condition. You can visit it today, but if you are there to investigate, or acknowledge spirits while you are there, use whatever protection techniques that work best for you because there are reports of some spirits following people home!

The Gypsy Cemetery – (haunting) – Due to the mysteries of gypsies buried here, this cemetery is rumored to be inundated with paranormal activity. This activity includes, but is not limited to, apparitions of gypsies seen roaming the grounds, a strange flock of crows that is always present, and it is said that anytime you visit the cemetery, it will begin to rain. It is also rumored that you will be cursed if you cross the iron fence I the middle of the cemetery. The actual name of this place is The Union Cemetery. GPS:43.14150733023897, -94.26161073366012


The Holy Cross Cemetery  – (haunting) – Located in the town of Anamosa of Jones County is home to a shadowy, grim reaper figure. In the cemetery, there is a large tree that is said to be the instrument of death for many people. It was a hanging tree. The tree is at the end of a road that runs through the cemetery and sets in the middle of a turn around. There are still the visible rope marks on the tree. Along with the reaper figure that has been seen, people have also reported seeing glowing orbs, or balls of light. GPS:42.1149282, -91.2958754.


The Kate Shelley Memorial Bridge, -(haunting) – located near the town of Boone in Boone County is rumored to be haunted by it’s namesake, Kate Shelley. In 1881, a fifteen year old Kate heroically saved a train that was going to go over the bridge during a terrible storm. The storm had compromised the bridge, and Kate crawled across the bridge on her hands and knees, around 200 yards total and was able to warn and stop the train. Although the bridge that stands at this location today isn’t the same bridge Kate crossed, the area is said to be haunted by Kate, and some have witnessed spectral trains and heard train sounds.

Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids Public Library – (haunting) – This library is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman named Helen Stein. The book Ghosts of Linn County states that she was an elderly woman who used to come to the library often to read the newspaper and chat with the library workers. One morning Helen came into the library in a nice dress, and walked with a strange gate. Some time later that day, the staff was informed that Helen had died in a fire, and was buried in the dress they seen her in. Not all of the library staff have experienced anything out of the ordinary, but some have heard strange noises, and have seen items fly off shelves.

Oak Hill Cemetery – (haunting) – Oak Hill Cemetery is the home of a spirit of a young Czech lady named Tillie who was buried there, and the records of where her grave is located were lost. Witnesses have seen her spirit walking with a small lit candle in hand. One of the stories about Tillie is that she practiced witchcraft and dabbled in the occult. Tillie is also said to possess magical powers. If you locate her grave she will reward you with 30 days of good luck. If you are disrespectful on the other hand, you will be punished with 30 days of bad luck. She is said to make her presence known at night.


American Theatre – (haunting) – This theatre, that is still in operation today, has had reports of paranormal activity that includes cold spots, orbs in photographs, dreadful feelings when in the basement, and seeing people out of the corner of your eye and when you look, they disappear.

Clear Lake

The Crash Site of Richie Valens, Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper – (haunting) – Just north of the town of Clear Lake is the memorial of “The Day the Music Died”. These great musicians died in a plane crash at this site, and its said that their spirits still haunt this field. There are also reports of seeing figures walking along the side of the road that disappear. There is a memorial in the field along the fence line at this location. Look for the large pair of horned rim glasses mounted on fence poles to mark the location of the trail to the memorial.  Latitude: 43.220000; Longitude: -93.383333

Council Bluffs 

Historic General Dodge House – (haunting) – The Grenville M. Dodge House is a historical museum that no only contains artifacts of the Civil War era, it is said to contain the spirit of General Dodge who stayed on this plane because of his love for this house. The strange happenings at this location include unexplained noises inside and outside of the house, balls of light outside the house on the property, and a spectral nurse that roams the halls. There are tours of the house available as well, for a small fee. Location: 605 S. 3rd St., Council Bluffs, Iowa. (712) 322-3504.