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Kiowa Creek Bridge

The train bridge over Kiowa Creek in Adams County, was the location of a terrible train wreck that killed a number of passengers in the late 1800’s. GPS:39.752635544259554, -104.40890944017156

Reported paranormal activity at this location:

  • Ghost train rolling through the area
  • Unexplained floating lights
  • Apparitions
  • A hellhound with glowing red eyes


Cheesman Park

This beautiful park is full of wonderful landscaping, leafy trees and, apparently it is full of dead bodies as well. The area used to be a large cemetery, and when they decided to turn the area into a park, they got a little lazy and left approximately 2,000 bodies in the ground. The reports of paranormal activity here are numerous.

Paranormal activity reported at this location:

  • Locals living around the park have seen spirits walking at night
  • Voices at night and during the day
  • Shadows moving among the trees
  • Spirits of children seen playing and running
  • An unseen force that will hold you to the ground if you lay down

The Lumber Baron Inn

Lumber baron John Mouat built this mansion in 1890 in Denver, Colorado. This beautiful structure was owned by many people over the years, but by the 1970’s, it was abandoned. During this time, two teenage girls were murdered here. The first was raped and being strangled to death, and her friend walked in on the violent act, she was also killed. the murderer was never caught. These are the two spirits said to be haunting the building to this day. It has since been renovated and is now a charming bed and breakfast(with paranormal activity). (303) 477-8205.  2555 W 37th Ave , Denver, Colorado, CO 80211.

Reported paranormal activity at this location:

  • Disembodied footsteps
  • EVP evidence