The Latest in the paranormal



Abbeville – (Haunting/Tourist Site) –

In the town of Abbeville there is a legend of Huggin’ Molly. A phantom like woman said to resemble a 7 foot tall witch, dressed in dark clothing. She appears at night to children that are out after dark. She grabs them, squeezes them tight and screams in their ear. Otherwise she doesn’t harm them.

There is also a café in the town named Huggin’ Molly’s, with a Molly related menu.


The Old Covington County Jail – (Haunting) –

No longer in operation, the historic jail is said to be haunted, and after a quick look at it’s violent history, it’s easy to see why it might be. There are accusations of cruelty to inmates, and murder, but no one was held accountable. 

Reported paranormal activity at this location –

  • Unexplained voices
  • Odd smells
  • Cold spots
  • Faces seen in windows, then upon entering & investigating, no one was in the building

205 North Cotton Street Andalusia, AL.

GPS:31.309130242799963, -86.48226664963659




Anniston High School – (Haunting) –

The girls locker room in the high school is said to be haunted by spirit that has assaulted several students. Reports of strange happenings include cold spots, items moving, and sounds of heavy breathing and footsteps with no one there.


Sloss Furnaces – (Haunting) –

Once a mainstay of pig iron production for the U.S. the Sloss Furnaces became a well known location of paranormal activity. The more than 100 accounts of strange occurrences could be due to the loss of life and maimings from accidents at the worksite.

Reported paranormal activity at this location – 

  • strange noises
  • ranging temperature anomalies
  • odd feelings of being watched
  • orbs and other anomalies in photos

20 32nd St N, Birmingham, AL 35222 • (205) 254-2025


McConnico Cemetery – (Haunting) –

This is a good place for a ghost hunter to hone some skills. There have been multiple ghost sightings over the last 100 years.


Interstate 65 – (Haunting) –

The stretch of road between the cities of Evergreen and Greenville in Butler County, has had way too many accidents and is said to be haunted. The fact that this road is said to have been built over the Creek Indian burial grounds after the Indians were removed by force has attributed to the haunted factor.


Fyffe – (UFO Sighting) –

In the late 1980’s people came here by the thousands with prospect of seeing a UFO. This was due to the many sightings that occurred in 1989. Come join Fyffe UFO Days for some fun.


Harrison’s Cemetery – (Haunting) –

Just off county road 484 in Kinston, Alabama, there is a cemetery that is the resting place of William “Grancer” Harrison. Grancer enjoyed music and dancing to the point where her wanted to be buried above ground so he could still be part of the parties after he passed on. Some have said to have seen him dancing here to this day. GPS:31.208270558825312, -86.14437228442057

Wheeler Wildlife Refuge

Wheeler Wildlife Refuge

(Cryptid) – A creature known as The Alabama “White Thang” has been spotted in the refuge. It has also been seen regularly between Morgan, Etowah and Jefferson counties in Happy Hollow, Walnut Grove and Moody’s Chapel. The cryptid is said to be humanoid, 7 feet tall, covered in white hair, moves very quickly and has a screech that sounds like a woman screaming.