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A Sigil is an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power. Historically the term referred to a type of pictoral signature of a demon or other entitiy. Today, sigils are used in chaos magic where they are created then charged with the intent of the magician.

Sigil is a dirivitive from the latin word sigillum, which means “seal”.

Austin Osman Spare is credited with the modern method of sigil creation in which the words of a statement of intent are broken down into an abstract design, then charged by the creator.

The basic process involves writing your desire in sentence form. “I will win the lottery.” then removing the vowels “wllwnthlttry”, then remove any duplicate letters “wlnthry” then arranging the remaining letters into a shape that strikes you as odd or magical. Once the shape is finished, do your best to forget the original sentence and only focus on the shape. Then work up your “energy” while focusing on the shape and not the original sentence. The most popular way of working up this energy is through masturbation. The exact moment climax is achieved, imagine the shape is glowing and “push” it out into the universe. Then do not think of it again. Let the universe do it’s part by working with the sigil you created.

Grant Morrison created the comic book series The Invisibles intended to be a hypersigil.