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Is This an Image of Bigfoot?

This Could Be the Clearest Image of Bigfoot Since the Patterson Footage


An image from a trail cam in Alberta, of what appears to be a Bigfoot kicking back and relaxing, facing away from the camera and leaning of his/her left arm. If it isn’t a hoax, or a mis-identification, it would be one of the clearest pics of a Bigfoot since the Patterson-Gimlin footage. 

So after looking at this picture for quite a while, I started wondering if it could be a bear? The only problem is, I can’t quite put the physical shape of a bear through the contortions it would take to make the shape seen in the pic.



Here are some images of black bears. Could the Bigfoot image be the backside of a black bear with it’s front half pushed towards the ground? 

What do you think? Could this be a bear or a person in an ape suit? Maybe a gorilla? You decide.