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What Are Shadow People?

There are times when almost all of us, for a brief second, have seen a shape or movement out of the corner of our eye, and when we turn to look it’s gone, but for some [...]


Acheri in girl form The Acheri is a spirit found in Native American folklore, particularly among the Algonquin tribes of the northeastern United States. It is often depicted [...]

EVP Analysis Needed.

This young lady needs some help with EVP. Is there an EVP pro out there? I am in nees of some advice I took and evp in my basement I was wondering if I may have caught [...]

Ghostly going-ons in Derbyshire

From the Ashbourne News Telegraph. Giant orbs of light have been captured on film during a paranormal investigation in Shining Cliff Woods, near Ambergate. The footage was [...]