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Better Than A Tinfoil Hat

The old reliable tinfoil hat.

What’s better than a tinfoil hat? A tinfoil house of course.

A 78-year-old man Hermitage has been fined after using spotlights and tin foil to deter extraterrestrials.
The neighbors of Arthur Brown are not too pleased with his alien defenses. He has covered large portions of his house with reflective foil material because of his fear of extra-terrestrials.
His neighbors have also had enough of him turing on spotlights and shining them across the street.
A judge has ordered Brown to pay $500 a day because his home is in violation of city zoning ordinances.

Mr. Brown has failed to comply and now owes in excess of $20,000.

What if Mr. Brown knows something we don’t?!
source: WKBN News