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Crossett Lights

The cause of the haunting at this location is a matter of debate, but the stories go that many years back, two railroad workers got in a fight, and one wound up decapitating the other. Regardless of the accuracy of the story, at 425 Ashley Road, many people have reported seeing strange lights ever since.

Reported paranormal activity at this location:

  • Floating lights along the tracks. These lights have taken several forms, from looking like old time lanterns to appearing as balls of lights of different colors.

Eureka Springs

Crescent Hotel

One of the most widely known haunted places in the state, and featured on popular paranormal television shows, this luxury hotel has quite a haunted history. Built in 1886 and the location of many horrific deaths over the years, could be what caused the hauntings reported here.

Reported paranormal activity at this location.

  • Spirit hands coming out of bathroom mirrors
  • Shrieks and other painful screams heard
  • Kitchen ware being flung around the kitchen
  • Doors slamming and opening
  • Spirits seen in Victorian era clothing


The Allen House

A Queen Anne style mansion that was built in 1906 by it’s namesake Joe Lee Allen. The possible cause of the strange phenomenon reported at this location could be the poisoning of Joe’s daughter Ladel. The daughter’s room was sealed off for 40 years until other family members turned the mansion into apartments… that is when the paranormal occurrences began. If you want a tour of this haunted house click here.

Reported paranormal activity at this location:

  • Objects moving on their own
  • Shadowy figures moving through the rooms
  • Strange figures appearing in photographs taken in the building

Van Buren

The King Opera House

The story behind this reported haunting is as follows… A young woman fell in love with an actor, and her father did not approve of their relationship. This made the young couple decide to run away. The father of the young woman caught them before they could leave and beat the actor to death with a whip. The King Opera House website.

Reported paranormal activity at this location:

  • An apparition that appears wearing a top hat and cape
  • Lights turning off and on by themselves.