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Copper King Mansion – (haunting) – Believed to be haunted by the original owner of the location, William Andrews Clark. Activity at this location include sightings of strange shadows, hot and cold spots that appear randomly throughout the house, but perhaps most interestingly, there are reports of guests being overwhelmed by a feeling of being welcome when they enter the home. There also have been sightings of a light colored fog  that is mainly seen in the first floor hallway and in the basement. Address: 219 W Granite St, Butte, MT 59701. Phone: (406) 782-7580. Website –

Miles City

Elks Lodge 537 – (haunting) – During prohibition, this lodge was a pretty wild place. Bonnie and Clyde even played cards here. In 1936 there was a suicide and from then on, the spirit of a woman  in a long dress has been seen in the hallways of the building. Some other recorded paranormal events at this location include an image of a spirit exiting a bathroom, and the sounds of a woman moaning and screaming which was captured by Montana Paranormal Research Society. Address: 619 Pleasant St, Miles City, MT 59301. Phone: (406) 234-3234. Website –